Wanna sell Unapologetic Patterns?

I'm all about fun, accessible knitting with results that the knitter will love. Every. Time. As our catalog of designs grows, so does our range of yarns used in designs. 

While my designs currently feature a large array of small, independent dyers, I am branching out into designing with and for larger supply companies with yarns that are obtainable around the world. 

Wholesale pattern orders can be obtained one of two ways: 

  1. Ordering hard copies of the pattern at wholesale costs for you to stock and sell in your store (order minimums apply).
  2. Selling on a commission basis with quarterly payments based on your pattern sales (no up-front cost to you, no minimums).

Check out our variety of patterns.

If you find some you would like to sell, fill out the Wholesale Order Form online and I'll hook you up!

Do you want more information before your place an order? Contact me and we'll get you sorted out!