I began tech editing in late 2015 for one woman. What started out as my test knitting one of her first brioche patterns and being encouraged by this woman to seek out tech editing as a skill, has become a weekly endeavor, assisting a wide range of women from across the world (the US, Ireland, Spain and South Africa) in creating their best knitting patterns for distribution. It’s an honor to be asked to review a designers work and a request I treat with care and responsibility every time!

How it Works

Clients submit images of a finished design (whether the final images to go in the pattern or quick images snapped on a cell phone) along with either a PDF or a Word/Pages version of their finished written pattern including all diagrams and charts (where applicable). NEW! I’m now able to review Google Docs. I review the pattern for spelling, grammar, mathematical accuracy, ease of reading and make recommendations, where necessary, to improve the instructions. Grading services and chart-creation services are available on request.

I always want to honor each designers “pattern writing language” and never try to change things to suit my own end. How you interact with your clients is of the utmost importance to me and I seek to encourage consistency between patterns.

With regards to publishing your patterns: I do not REQUIRE that you note that I am your tech editor in your published pattern, but it is always appreciated. Additionally, I have found that many of your customers appreciate knowing that the pattern they purchase has been tech edited. Additionally, giving me credit helps me grow my client base, which is always appreciated. The choice is ultimately up to you.

My Schedule

I edit for my clients Tuesday through Friday. I do not work weekends as it is the only real time I get with my husband. If you send an email and it’s a panic, I’ll respond as I typically see them, but if it’s nothing urgent I respond on Monday. 


I currently bill out at $30 per hour. I have a 1 hour minimum per month. That means that if I do any work for you in a month, expect to pay at least $30, even if I only work for 30 minutes. However, working with me is not a subscription service. If we do not work together in a month, you will not receive a bill.

I pro-rate my time by the minute beyond the minimum monthly amount of 1 hour.
For example if I edit a shawl for you and it takes me 1 hour and 37 minutes, you only pay for 1 hr and 37 minutes. If it takes me 45 minutes but we have a second project in a month that takes 45 minutes you’ll get a bill for 90 minutes. My billable time is cumulative in a month; I don’t have a per-project 1 hour minimum. 

Payments may be made by check, Zelle or Venmo**. 

The Fine Print

The first time we work together it takes me a little longer than average since I’ll be learning your writing style and making suggestions about how to change things to make your pattern writing stronger (notes that you can use moving forward on other patterns). I always try to work as efficiently, time-wise, as possible since, as a designer myself, I know our per-pattern pay and know that every dollar counts. 

I always appreciate a few days heads up on a pattern if you know it’s coming. I do add clients to the calendar on a first-come, first served basis so the more heads up, the better. With that said, I’ve never not been able to help a client within their desired time frame. 

If you are interested in my tech editing services, please fill out the form below! I look forward to hearing from you!


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** Not all countries support these payment services. Alternatives may be arranged at the time of request for services where necessary.