New-for-fall shawl KAL: Peepaloo

Oh baby, oh baby, it’s time to get ready for a fun start-of-fall shawl KAL: the Peepaloo shawl featuring Peepaloo Fields Skinny Mini Sock in 2 colors!

Oftentimes there aren’t words to express the love between two people. But in my opinion, knitting is a physical representation of love in every stitch. The colorways created by Peepaloo Fields for this shawl design represent 4 real couples, all who love each other, and who have touched our lives in one way or another. Each combination of color is named for the location across the US where each couple now lives: Mesa, Littleton, SoCal and PDX.

This KAL will be hosted here, and on Instagram (by me, @notsorryknitter, using #peepalooshawlkal)! The KAL will run from Thursday, September 1st until roughly Thursday, October 13th. This is a fun KAL so there’s no hard and fast deadline. I just like to wrap a shawl project in 6 weeks or so, so I can wear it. And by mid-October, methinks we’re all going to want a shawl!

To join in on this awesome KAL, say “hello” in the Peepaloo shawl KAL forum on Ravelry. Then! Download a copy of the pattern, Peepaloo, on sale for $5 (regular: $5.95). Next, jump on over to Peepaloo Fields on Etsy to get your kit yarn. Then come back to the forum and tell me what color combination you've chosen! 
**Note: all yarns ordered the first week (by August 6th) of the KAL will ship by August 25th as these skeins are dyed to order.

The Peepaloo Shawl

The colorways that Shari came up with are pretty phenomenal, IMO. And the yarn? It's so beautifully soft. Shari chose a single ply 100% superwash merino so not only is the shawl nuzzle-your-face-in-it soft, it's light weight! Check out these beauties: 

Here's a few more details about this shawl that'll help you get prepared to knit along with us! There are a few video tutorials in the shawl pattern to get you on your way and, of course, I'll be there the whole time chatting you all up and cheering on your progress! 


  • Peepaloo Fields Skinny Mini Sock (fingering weight; 100% superwash merino wool; 400 yds/100g per skein): 1 skein each color: Color A modeled in “Meaghan” (yellow) and “Big Al” (Loose Change)
  • US 5 (3.75mm) 40” circular needle (or preferred length)

Finished Dimensions

59 inches wide by 21 inches tall


24 sts and 52 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch before blocking


  • This shawl is a half-circle shape and worked flat. Written instructions are provided for the entirety of the shawl. 
  • Adjust needle size as necessary to match gauge.
  • To save on yardage it is recommended to carry the colors loosely up the side of the work in the Cast On & Setup and 2-Color Garter sections rather than breaking at each color change.
  • This shawl best fits a 40” circular needle however the user may substitute longer or shorter needles for comfort.
  • Although gauge is not critical for this project, a looser gauge than noted will result in the use of more yardage. 
  • It is recommended to use Color A to swatch for this project as it uses only about 300 yds of a 400 yd skein to complete the project.

We hope you'll join us in September! Be sure to get your yarn order in by August 18th to ensure your yarn arrives on time to cast-on! Until then, happy knitting!!!

New Pattern: Dapper Dude Socks

It's that time of year again (or was... last weekend) when the Hubbs and I celebrate our anniversary. We're at year 8, which almost seems impossible to believe. We met in High School (for those of you who didn't know) and with the exception of a few years where we lost our minds and dated other people, we've been together ever since. Just in case you're doing the math, that's 20 years now. Whew!

And this guy has seen it all - the ups, the downs, the skinnies, the not-so-skinnies, the happies, the sads, all of it. And he's the biggest reason I'm able to do what I do as a designer. And while a pair of socks each year hardly seems like a fair gift for all the love and support he gives me, each year when I give him a new pair he behaves as if I've just given him the winning lottery ticket. That guy! Definitely a keeper!

My Dapper Dude: Big Al. The Hubbs. Hubband. Sugar. Whatever you want to call him (thats my abbreviated list of my favorites) gets an awesome pair of new socks this year, named, yet again, for him. 

Dapper Dude Socks

These socks are worked from the toe up, using the Magic Loop technique, and feature a Fleegle heel. What's a Fleegle heel you ask? A gusset heel without pickups! Oh yeah! The gusset is increased while you work in pattern across the Instep and then reduced over just the heel sts very briefly. It's a great alternative for folks who have a high arch since it's a slightly taller heel than the average short row or gusset heel. I promise you'll love it. 

Using just one skein of fingering weight yarn, the Dapper Dude pattern is worked over the Instep only, though COULD be worked across the back of the sock if one so desired. Additionally, the pattern can be worked either direction - beginning with the cuff if you feel so inclined. Oh yeah - the Fleegle heel can be worked upside down as well, following the instructions as they're written. 

If you are making socks for an individual with particularly large feet, I recommend splitting the skein in half so that you know you'll have enough yarn for each sock. While my main squeeze doesn't have overly large feet, I know that's not the case for most male recipients. 

For this weekend only, these socks will be available for half price! That's right folks: $2.50. Get 'em while the gettin's good! No coupon needed, just toss 'em in your shopping cart on Ravelry and start'cher knitting! Click HERE to be transferred to the pattern page! 


  • The Fiber Seed Sprout (fingering weight, 90% superwash USA merino wool, 10% nylon; 480 yds / 125g per skein): 1 skein ‘Elephant”
  • US 2 (2.75mm) 32-inch circular needle (or preferred length)
  • Removable stitch marker (optional)
  • Cable needle
  • Additional circular needle or DPN in size appropriate for your gauge (optional - see notes)

Finished Sizes

7.5 (8.5, 9.5, 10.5) inch circumference (recommended fit: 0.5 - 1 inch neg. ease circumference, 10% neg. ease in length of foot)


30 sts and 48 rows = 4 inches stockinette in the round


  • These socks are worked from the toe up and feature a Fleegle Heel - a gusset style heel without pick ups! These socks are mirrors to one another; make two to complete a pair.
  • This pattern includes written and charted instructions for the Magic Loop technique. Any sock technique can be substituted as preferred - the pattern can be worked in either direction without issue. In the case of using DPNs, the Front Needle is synonymous with Needles 1 & 2 and the Back Needle is synonymous with Needles 3 & 4.
  • As the gusset shaping increases, you may consider adding a 3rd needle to accommodate the number of sts. While this isn’t necessary, the number of sts on the Back needle will be almost double that of the Front needle - work in whatever manner feels most comfortable for you!

There and Back Again: This Knitters Journey

Sometimes words fail me. Like how to start this story. I always try to write my blog posts as if I'm having a conversation with you, but today I'm not sure where to start. So maybe I should just jump right into the middle and see where it takes us, shall we?

Late last year I transitioned from The Unapologetic Knitter to SocalMeaghan Knits. It seemed like the right move since all of my social media tags were "socalmeaghan"; unfortunately "unapologeticknitter" was too long. There was a huge disconnect between "socalmeaghan" the online presence and "The Unapologetic Knitter" the knitwear designer/teacher. So I went through the lengthy process of changing my website, changing my YouTube, changing Facebook, connecting with publishers of my work and letting them know about the change... and, of course, writing the obligatory blog post explaining the whole debacle. 

Now, here I am, humbly eating crow, and taking it all back! 

I changed my online presence for good reason. I had a wonderful following of incredible knitters who knew me, almost exclusively, as socalmeaghan. And, as someone who wants to see her tiny business grow, I did what was best for said business. THEN! My darling Hubband and I decided we wanted to move to Oregon. We were incredibly lucky and within 2 months of beginning the search, we found a job for said Hubband, and so our relocation began. And now, sadly, remaining "socalmeaghan" doesn't make sense. While SoCal will always have a special place in my heart - it's where I moved to from Canada to find love and happiness - it's time to look forward and continue the knitting journey independent of where I'm storing my stash. 

So... still chewing away on that interminable bird... let's usher in a new stage in my knitting journey, and hopefully the last stage on the naming scale: The Unapologetic Knitter is back, baby! But with a twist of humor!


Much work still needs to be done, so you'll slowly see me make changes to my Ravelry group, published patterns, etc. Please be patient... someone has to be and it's not going to be me! So I'm off to make these changes and hope they're for the better. As a thank you for sticking with me through all of this insanity, how about a sale on my patterns? 20% off at checkout on Ravelry using code "THEREANDBACK" until Friday, March 25th at 11:59pm PST. 

Happy knitting, my friends! May all your stitch counts be right!