This has been a banner week here at The Unapologetic Knitter. For the first time ever, I’ve released 4 patterns… FOUR! It was insanity! It wasn’t planned to go down this way, I assure you, but with one timeline or another changing, this is how it all shook out.

The funniest (saddest?) bit about all of this is that 3 of the 4 patterns have been in the works for over a year… but I digress!

The first of today’s newly released patterns has its roots in a relocation effort up the west coast - when I moved from San Diego to Hillsboro (just outside of Portland, OR)


The original 4-panel Back on Track shawl (red) was a labor of love; I knit the over-sized wrap/shawl/poncho shortly after relocating to Oregon as we rented a home while we searched for our “forever” home. It was my first time using Blue Moon Fiber Arts and I became an instant fan! The drape from the silk in the Polworth/Silk blend is pretty dang dreamy, and my oh my is it warm! It’s my favorite going-to-the-farmers-market accessory!

The newer 2-panel Back on Track shawl is traditional in its triangular shape but generous enough in size that it can easily wrap around and create an oversized cowl look. I'm pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to choose a favorite between these two!

And today’s second offering is a design I’ve had in mind for quite a few years but not one I ever felt brave enough to try until Tina, of BMFA, said she also loved it. A little support goes a long way!


This drop-shoulder cardigan is this knitters dream come true - there’s almost no finishing (save for a tiny seam at the back of the collar and up the sides of the pockets) and is dress-up and dress-down-able on a whim! I will wear this to the grocery store, on my sofa while I knit, and probably any chance I get in the transitional seasons over summer dresses.

And just because I know you’re going to ask, the leather backpack is made by the wonderful talent, Julie, of Split Rail Leather. I promise, if you make the investment, you won’t be sorry. I use this thing EVERY DAY! Much like my cardigan. :)

Wanna save on these patterns?

Now through end of day Sunday, February 17th, you can save 10% off on Ravelry using TUKLUVSBMFA on either of these patterns. Plus, since I do really love BMFA, I’m offering 10% off my other designs featuring their yarn: Cabin Rose Cowl and the White Hart Socks. The same promo code will save you 10% off at checkout on Ravelry!


I’m not 100% sure if 2 items sharing a stitch pattern officially makes up a collection but I like to think it does! I’ve been playing with the stitch pattern in these two new designs on and off for over a year and am so excited to finally see them come to fruition!


The Vintage Silver Shrug is going to be my go-to layer for transitional seasons; when winter turns to spring and the wind is still a bit chilly, this lovely little layering piece over a dress or with jeans will be the perfect answer to Mother Natures indecision. And the socks? Oh boy… don’t even get me started on the socks! The stitch pattern is largely ribbed so they’re very comfortable to wear. Designed in 6 sizes, these socks are great for all genders!

This little collection is done in collaboration with the wonderful dye talents of House of A La Mode Fiber Goods. Oyster is a marvelous neutral gray with the softest of pink undertones; It pairs perfectly with the warmth of Rose Quartz.

Just in time for Valentine’s day, Heather is opening up her shop with yarn JUST for this collection - so you can nab your yarn for both the socks and shrug and get to knitting while the weather is cold and blustery so you’re perfectly ready when the spring finally arrives!

To celebrate the release of the Vintage Silver collection, I’m offering a 10% discount off each pattern on Ravelry or my website, no coupon code needed! When you add the pattern(s) to your cart at checkout on you should see the discount applied!