About Me


Hi - I’m Meaghan. I’m an unapologetic knitter!

I bet you are, too!

I'm anything BUT unapologetic in my life outside of knitting. "Sorry" is definitely in my wheelhouse and I use if often. I WAS born in Canada, after all.

But when it comes to knitting... forget about it! I believe that knitting is an art form that should be nurtured. I’ve heard many a knitter claim that they feel guilty for knitting on the sofa while their family members cook, clean, shop, etc., but I say PHOOEY on that! You are creating something that can last a lifetime and it takes time. If they need something from you, they’ll ask for it!

Just knit. No apologies necessary.

Here’s some (fun?) facts about ME:

I married my best friend and high school sweetheart (for reals!), oft-referred to simply as “The Hubband” (you’ll find he has a pair of socks named after him). We have two fur-babies, Peaches and Zoey, rescue chihuahua mixes who are EXTREME cuddlers.

I love pizza. And beer. And Pringles.

I don’t love chocolate. I know, I know…

I love love love movies. Admittedly I’m not well versed in all the classics; I’m a total Marvel movies fanatic and will watch the Harry Potter series multiples times in a year (so much so that I’ve had to re-buy a few discs because they wore out).

I am never satisfied with my hair style. I love it for a month or two and then want to change it up so you’ll see a wide range of hair styles throughout my pattern collection.

I am a largely self-taught knitter (I have taken some advanced classes so I can’t proclaim I’m entirely self taught) who started out with a little booklet from the craft store and some acrylic yarn. From there the obsession began!

Because of my love of movies - I tend to create 'TV knitting” designs; much of what I create is non-fussy and can be knit quite easily while parked in front of your favorite binge-worthy series. Classic stitch patterns, classic shapes, approachable techniques.

I am a complete knit-enabler - just ask anyone who asks me if this skill is “too hard” for them. NOPE! I believe YOU can knit ANYTHING!

And last but not least: I LOVE knitting. It’s what I want to do when I wake up, what I’m sad I have to stop doing to sleep, and what I want to encourage everyone to try in their lifetime. I can proudly share that I’ve helped The Hubband become a knitter and have even taught my Mum to knit (and she’s addicted now, too).

So grab your yarn and needles and join me!