When you say ‘sl1yo’ it looks like you’re working the yarn over before you slip the stitch.

What’s the deal?

This trips up a lot of people. I can't take any credit for coming up the term "sl1yo"; I'm simply using the terminology provided by the industry.

However! To work a sl1yo - the first step is to bring the working yarn to the front between the needles (or leave it in the front if you're working a purl row), then slip the next stitch, THEN bring the working yarn to the back to knit the next stitch (or all the way round to the front again if you are purling), creating the yarn over.

So TECHNICALLY the slipped stitch happens first but depending on how quickly you work the combination of movements I can see how it appears that the YO is worked first. Happy brioche-ing!

how do i redistribute stitches after finishing a gusset heel?

When you have completed your decreases for the gusset shaping, your beginning of round will be at the bottom center of the heel.

To redistribute the stitches so that the beginning of round is at the right side of the instep, knit to the first marker on Needle 1 (N1). Remove this marker. This is the new beginning of round.

Re-orient your needles so that the first set of stitches (this will vary based on size of sock being knit but is half of the total number of stitches on your needle) are on the Front needle. These will be your Instep/Top of Foot stitches. The remaining stitches will be on the Back needle and will be the Sole/Bottom of Foot stitches.