How To: One Color Brioche in the Round

Here's the money - brioche in the round! This is where things start to really take shape, in my mind. And believe it or not, once you get the hang of it, brioche in the round is actually far easier than brioche flat (IMO, of course). 

Much like brioche knit flat, we begin with a setup row, except it's a round. So unlike our samples which we used the first and last stitch as a selvedge edge stitch, we're going to work from the first stitch to the last stitch in the *k1, sl1yo* repeats. 

Similar to 2-color brioche knit flat, we will have one round worked using BRKs and one round worked using BRPs. These are the only two rows worked to create brioche in the round. 

Knit Along

What you'll need:

  • 16" circular needle in a US 8 (or DPNs, your preference)
  • 1 color of worsted weight yarn (I'm using Wooly Worsted in "Wheat" from Ewe Ewe Yarns)
  • REMOVABLE stitch marker

Here's the written version of what I'm speaking about in the video. 

Cast on 80 sts (if you are using DPNs you may cast on fewer on each of the 4 needles, ensuring that you have multiples of 2 on each needle).

**If you're going to continue using a US 6 and sport/DK weight yarn cast on 108 sts since 80 sts in that weight doesn't usually go all the way 'round a 16" circ. Anyway, you know how many to cast on to fit you gauge, just make sure it's multiples of 2. 

Join for working in the round. HOWEVER! Don't clip the marker on to the needles as you'll find it confusing when you begin round 2. Clip it into the bottom of the first or last stitch to indicate the beginning of the round instead.

Round 1 (setup round): *K1, sl1yo; rep from * to end (last st worked is the sl1yo).

Round 2 (BRP rnd): *Sl1yo, brp; rep from * to end.

Rnd 3 (BRK rnd): *Brk, sl1yo; rep from * to end. 

Rep [Rnds 2 and 3].

Here's the video.

You can see that you get in a rhythm fairly quickly. You just have to cautious that you're bringing the working yarn to the front for the first sl1yo at the beg of rnd on the BRP rounds. 


You will need to ensure that you bring the working yarn to the front for the sl1yo at the beginning of EACH NEEDLE for the BRP round. 

Thanks for watching and knitting along. Tomorrow we tackle 2-color brioche in the round. And that, my friends, is MAGIC! Happy brioche-ing!