How To: Fix Dropped Stitches in Brioche

Today you get a two-fer! Thank your lucky stars that Jenny (aka: one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet, aka: @samandramones on Instagram) asked for a second video. But I think it's a great skill to have so I'm glad she forced my hand a bit. 


The first tutorial, the PLANNED tutorial, is how to pick up dropped stitches in brioche. I've gone with the two-color work knit flat since it shows the most contrast between the stitches, but the same rules apply to one color AND brioche knit in the round. 

What I don't say in the video but will say here, is pick up the dropped stitch with the stockinette column facing you. I don't recommend trying to pick up with the purl side facing. You'll just walk away in tears. You can easily turn the work so the stockinette is facing you and have a much better time with it all. 

Knit Along

What you'll need:

  • 2 DPNs in a US 6 (or a circular needle, your preference)
  • A sample swatch of 2-color brioche, knit flat
  • A crochet hook of appropriate size
  • The nerve to drop a stitch back a few rows! 

Not too scary, right? I think it's totally doable with some time and nerve.


Ok, so what if, say, you're knitting a sweater in brioche for the first time, and things are going hunky dory, and then you realize that you're not happy with some of the decreases so you want to FROG back and pick up the live stitches... well I now have the answer on how to do that for you! 





Knit Along

What you'll need:

  • 1 US size 3 DPN (or one or two sizes smaller than the sample is knit with)
  • A sample swatch of 2-color brioche, knit flat
  • Some nerve to rip out a few rows

Easy, peasy, Mac'n'Cheesy, right? So now there's really nothing you can't handle when it comes to brioche. Have some fun with it. And if you have any questions you know how to find me (here, Instagram or Ravelry). 

Thanks for brioche-ing along. Happy knitting!