Controlled Chaos MKAL - Week 2

Can I just say a resounding "WOW" to all of your mad skills!? I'm so thrilled at the successes I'm seeing on the Ravelry Spoilers thread and on Instagram for the first week of the clue. I hope you're all having as much fun as I am! Let's just round up some of these amazing pics, shall we? 

And a BIG thanks to Abuelita's for hosting a group MKAL meetup so folks can all knit together for this one. More fun to knit with friends, isn't it?

The colors are just killing me. I love love love it! 

Week 2's Clue!

So this week we've got a set of instructions that is going to feel quite similar to last week. This week we will actually use the br4st - sorry about the confusion on that in week 1 - I had it for the setup round and then did a separate video and forgot to change it and ... well... knowledge is knowledge and it won't be wasted 'cuz we're going to use it for sure this week. We only use it once, but we do use it! 

Also this week, not only are we changing to a larger needle but we're doing some stitch increases on the back side of the hat so we get a nice slouchy fit. Plenty more counting will be included in this week's post but I suspect you're starting to see a pattern emerge in the shaping of brioche and as you get more comfortable with this weeks clue it's quite likely you won't even need to count - you'll just know what's next. 

Watch Your Stitches!

On Rnd 11a we're moving the Color B (the Main color) to the foreground. So rather than having the wrapped stitches worked in a different color, everything will be one color. Keep an eye on those wraps when you begin working them on Rnd 11b. The trick is that when you see a wrapped stitch you "work" it (brp, brk, etc.) and when you see a single stitch you process it as a sl1yo. 

When you join color C on Rnd 11b leave a 6-inch tail or so for weaving in when you're done. 

Video Refresher

Here are the 4 videos we use this week in case you're looking to brush up on stuff: 

How To: brkyobrk (2 st increase)

How To: brRsl (brioche right slant decrease)

How To: br4st (4 st increase)

How to brLsl (brioche left slant decrease)


That's all for week 2!

Because so much of week 2 mirrors week 1 there's no other info to share that you don't already know! If you're going through things and need specifics on something, let me know. The discussion on the Ravelry group is awesome. Keep the chatter going - love seeing everyone interacting! 

If you're on social media you can use #controlledchaosmkal so I can spy on you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (but not in a creepy way). And by all means, if you're on Instagram, feel free to tag me with questions or just to show off with @socalmeaghan.