Controlled Chaos MKAL - Week 3

Oh. My. Goodness. Are you in love yet? I can't get over how fun these hats are turning out. As I type this up and gather all of your WIP pictures I'm doing a little jig in my seat. Maybe its the vanity of a designer having such a talented group of people making "my" design but mostly I'm just so excited to see folks truly getting the hang of brioche. 

Have you planned what you're going to make next?! 

Week 3 - Clue Release!

So this week we're moving on to some new shaping. The colors and stitch counts will remain the same (unlike last week) so with the shaping from the first two weeks starting to wrap around the hat you're likely getting the hang of this thing.

This week I wanted it to be slightly less intensive with the decreases so we're working less decreases and increases per round and working more plain ol' brioche rib. It's just lovely, isn't it? 

As you knit this next section of hat you may find that you're starting to get some interesting shaping/puckering. Once you block it out that'll disappear. While brioche isn't the same as lace by a LOOOOONG shot, because of the long runs of yarn between each RS and WS stitches it's quite manipulable... manipulateable? Wow... really? Manipulable?! Weird... well, I won't argue with spell checker.

Long story made long: you can control it (get it?!). Brioche blocks out very nicely and you don't end up with too much weirdness. As with your swatching, when you blocked it, I suspect you pulled it out of the water and freaked out - it's so floopy and loose. And then when it dries it's just, well, perfect?! The same should be the case with the finished hat.

Video Refresher

The list of videos needed each week grows shorter and this week we don't have any new ones - we actually get to remove one from our list. We won't be using br4st this week so we've got these three you're familiar with. 

How To: brkyobrk (2 st increase)

How To: brRsl (brioche right slant decrease)

How to brLsl (brioche left slant decrease)

That's a Wrap on Week 3!

I hope you've had fun with the new shaping this week - nothing too complex, right? You can probably even try it on at this point! 

Next week, our last week, is all about shaping the crown so get those DPNs ready! And then we can block and wear these beanies. Oh man, oh man, I can't wait!

Got Questions? I've Got Answers! 

The Discussion Group on Ravelry is a great place to ask questions and share your experiences - please don't be shy! I love to hear from you. If you're just sharing to share, go ahead - please be sure to use the SPOILERS forum for any pictures of the clue so that the MKAL isn't spoiled for those who haven't knit it yet - but if you have an important question that needs to be answered like NOW, please be sure to ear burn me. To do this enter my username in square brackets and follow it by tying the word "person" in parenthesis: [socalmeaghan](person).

If you're on social media you can use #controlledchaosmkal so I can spy on you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (but not in a creepy way). And by all means, if you're on Instagram, feel free to tag me with questions or just to show off with @socalmeaghan.

Happy brioche-ing my lovelies!!!