New Pattern: Holey Schmoley

I found a skein of DK from Republic of Wool at a LYS that I broke my yarn diet for. I cast on as soon as I got home and knew I wanted something simple to highlight the beauty of the yarn and something I could knit while watching TV. Holey Schmoley was born after an exclamation of “holy smokes” when I finished this one-skein project in less than 48 hours

Holey Schmoley

This garter knit shawl makes use of simple eyelets to give interest to an otherwise very basic shawl. It allows the yarn to shine but keeps you interested as you knit it. This design could easily be converted to lighter or heavier weight yarns. Hmmm... sounds like a challenge! :) 

This pattern will be one sale for $2.00 until the end of day. July 31st. Why? Well... cuz I'm taking a work holiday and feel like everyone should enjoy the relaxation with me. I'm pretty sure I'll be knitting a few of these on vacay. The pattern is available here on my website or on Ravelry. The discount will show up at check out - no promo code needed. 

So, umm... go get it now before the sale ends! Happy knitting!!!