Book Review: Spring with SweetGeorgia, Vol 1

Soft blooms quietly pushing up through the deep, damp earth into the sun... tiny buds, lined with gentle green, tease from the tree limbs... the advent of spring seems to sneak in, ever so subtle, into sunnier, warmer days. And then suddenly, it is no longer a cold, bleak winter, but a season wrought with renewal, excitement, and change. 

Having just relocated from southern California to the Pacific Northwest I can't find a better sentiment than the above to welcome the spring knits! I have spent the last 10 years living in eternal summer, where plants grow and bloom year round and am now finding myself watching my garden, daily, to see what new things will sprout, planted by the previous owner. It's a new kind of magic, to me. 

With the spring, and new growth, comes a renewal of our outlook on our knitting. The need to knit bulky knits is passing and so enters the season of lightweight knits using bright pops of color and softer neutrals. And the Spring with SweetGeorgia, Vol 1, is just the ticket to knit your way to happy with some perfect-for-spring (or summer!) designs. 

I'm probably somewhat biased since the cover design is knit in one of my favorite colors of all time AND has leaves on it, but I think what's inside this little gem of a book is well worth the review!

The Spring with SweetGeorgia, Vol 1, contains 10 new designs - a mixture of garments and accessories and for the first time, will be released as a complete eBook ($30 CDN) OR you can purchase the patterns individually for $8/$9 CDN. How exciting is that? So pick your favs, or make ALL of them your favorite and knit them all!

My all-time favorite in this collection has to be Lagom by Brandy Velten. Not only is it knit in garter, my favorite way to knit shawls, but it features a gradient set, Party of Five, in teals. Be still my heart! I've been eyeing their Party of Five skein sets for a while and now know exactly what to do with it!

Next up would be Finsbury by Natalai Vasilieva - more leaves! And it includes instructions for my favorite type of provisional cast-on so that this darling cowl is truly seamless. 

Taevas Shawl WEB_1.jpg

And last but not least on my Must Make list is Taevas by Mone Drager. It is ridiculously lacy and I'm all about that. I would definitely have to choose my accessories carefully because I tend to talk with my hands and would inevitably end up with a ring caught in the lace but if I'm wearing something as beautiful is this, who needs accessories?! Wedding rings be damned! Just kidding... almost! 

The book has a plethora of other gorgeous accessories and garments which can't be discounted - they're all amazing. I'm just on a major shawl/cowl kick these days. Here are the other designs in the book that deserve a round of "oohs":


Head on over to Ravelry to purchase Spring with SweetGeorgia, Vol 1, and get that summer knitting bug in check!