January 2017 KALFH Projects


I've decided for sake of space and repetition, to coin a new acronym: KALFH... knit along FROM HOME! If I could have everyone from all over the place come to my classes, that'd be awesome. But, time and costs being what they are, I'll never get that wish granted. So why not share some knowledge online so folks can knit from home, with me! 

IF! You are in the Portland/Beaverton area and want to join in the classes in person, here's a listing to this months classes: Short Rows by the Day or Month

The Dealio!

Every Monday and Tuesday i teach at Nitro Knitters in Beaverton, OR. And just about every week I teach a brand new project to my students. I've decided that each Tuesday, the day following my weekly project class (Tuesdays are always socks and don't have specific project instructions) I will share my tips, tricks and techniques I shared with my students the Monday before so YOU can knit along at home and have a years worth of learnin' and knittin' under your belt! 

So, to start out the year, I'm teaching 3 weeks of short rows to my students. All three of our projects feature a different type of short row: Wrap and Turn (W&T), German Short Rows and Japanese Short Rows. 

Each project comes from an amazing resource book by Jennifer Dassau: Knitting Short Rows: Techniques for Great Shapes & Angles. SO! If you want to knit along with us, you can order a copy of the book on Amazon and join in the short row fun! 

So here's what's dropping this month:

  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2017: Welter Hat (W&T project, dark grey hat)
  • Tuesday, January 17th, 2017: Tilting Lines Cowl (German Short row project, orange cowl)
  • Tuesday, January 24th: Welts Apart Cowl (Japanese Short Rows, dark blue cowl)


Short Rows.jpg

So? What do you have to do to KALFH? Not much. Get your supplies together and come back on the dates above to get my tips on completing the projects. If you're on social media, feel free to tag #unapologeticknitter (or use @notsorryknitter on IG) so I can see your amazing creations! I can't wait to KALFH with you!