I'm so so so so so so excited to announce the arrival of the Conchoidal MKAL in collaboration with House of A La Mode Fiber Goods. This MKAL is a sock MKAL (mystery knit along) where all you know is that you'll be making socks, cuff down, two at a time (2aat) and that they'll ROCK!

Literally! Conchoidal (or subconchoidal) is the fracturing habit of the topaz family of gemstones. And since the name of the colorway in which I designed the socks is "Topaz", it seemed only fitting that the design itself be named appropriately. Now... if you do some reading up on "conchoidal" and you learn that the fracturing habit is actually due to stress put on the stone... don't equate that to this MKAL. This is a no-stress knit along - lots of photo and video tutorials abound to get you through. Plus... all access to ME to answer all your burning sock questions! 

How to Knit Along!

It doesn't take much! Download the pattern from Ravelry, grab some yarn (House a A La Mode has dyed up a bunch of gorgeousness for this MKAL and her shop update is live at 10am today, PST) and say "Hello" to all your fellow sock knitters in my Ravelry Group: The Unapologetic Knitter. 

The pattern, available for download now, will be pushed out to you for 4 consecutive Fridays, beginning on Friday, March 23rd. Each week we'll learn a new skill and on week 2, the full pattern is revealed. The initial download when you purchase your pattern gives you an eensy weensy bit of homework to get you prep'd for the MKAL start date in just 10 days! 

I hope you'll join me in some sock-knitting awesomeness!