Falling Down MKAL - Prize Announcement

Weeeeeooooo! It's been just 4 short weeks since this MKAL started and there are 3 of you finished already. That's amazing! Four if you count mine... but... well, mine don't really count, now, do they?

Let's take a look at these finished beauties:
Acer Aces from @bcrlmom

Mighty Poplar by @lorriepi

A wonderful colorway (and some winning at yarn-chicken) by @samandramones

And just 'cuz I love 'em - MY socks. This is the Monstera Deliciosa colorway.

But lets get to the main reason we're all here: the PRIZES! Well, hopefully you were initially here for the socks but are NOW here for the prizes!

This time 'round cuz it's a smaller group of KAL'ers I've got only two prizes. Two prizes that aren't from me. I'm kicking in a THIRD prize cuz I love my knitting friends. So let's start there since it's fun to build the suspense. 

So since it's still October and I freaking LOVE Halloween (and the typically-colder weather that comes with it but not in SoCal this year) I'm going to give away a set of my two No Tricks All Treats patterns. These babies: 

If you have already purchased either of these patterns, as I know some of you have (thank you!!!) you can either choose another pattern or two from my store (up to $10 of sales) or you can bank it with me and I'll send you future pattern(s) at your request since I've not updated my store in a bit. It's up to you tho I really do love these patterns!

Next up on the Winners Block is a pattern and yarn combo prize from Ewe Ewe Yarns! The winner will receive a digital copy of the Respectfully Twisted sock pattern and the yarn needed to make the socks! It just so happens that these socks are my design and the first pattern I sold to a company. Double win!

And our third prize is a delightful sock-sized project bag, with fabric inspired by this very MKAL, by the incredibly talented Sixmunchkin Stitching. 

This prize is especially noteworthy because the lovely Lisa of Sixmunchkin Stitching is going to make project bags for the sweater KAL I'm hosting in early 2015! Her bags, which will be themed to match the KAL, will be available for pre-order as an add-on to the kits so save up your pennies. The quality of the bag is astounding so it'll be worth every cent!!! Check out the style of the bag and the quality of the details. I'm in love (and totally jealous of the winner who gets to keep this lovely bag). 

Do you see that? There's a snap to keep your working yarn at hand - AND you can undo it so you don't have to cut your yarn to remove it from the bag. I LOVE IT!

And having had my hands on this bag and photographed, I can tell you that this bag is most definitely made with LOVE. 

So, with all this said and shared, get those socks finished and submit them so you can win these awesome prizes! How, you ask?

Join our group on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/the-unapologetic-knitterTag me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/socalmeaghan and use #fallingdownmkal, #unapologeticknitter and/or #tuksockmkal.

And by all means, if you have questions, email me at meaghan@unapologeticknitter.com or message me on Rav (http://www.ravelry.com/people/SoCalMeaghan), leave a comment here, or leave questions in the Discussion board for the MKAL on Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/the-unapologetic-knitter/3013583/1-25#23). 
There have been issues with me seeing questions on Ravelry in the past because, despite me being the owner of the discussion board, I don't get notified when people comment; I'm only notified if I'm tagged. So,  if it's urgent, please be sure to ear burn me. 
To do this enter my username in square brackets and follow it by tying the word "person" in parenthesis: 

Lastly, a friendly reminder about our prizes: to be entered to win make sure to submit your photos to me via email, Instagram (being sure to tag @socalmeaghan) or in our Ravelry MKAL discussion NO LATER than 11:59pm PST on Thursday, October 30th.

Happy Knitting!!!