New Pattern: Shameless Selfie Set

Sadly (mostly) the holidays are behind us and we're skipping merrily into the new year filled with plans of knitting ALL the things: the bestest sweater ever, the bestest fair isle ever, the bestest socks ever... and it's all possible. But somewhere in the the pile of bestest knit things ever and the "gift-knitting" list, we need to find time to be a little selfish and knit something for ourselves. And I've got the perfect easy-peasy selfish knitting set that will satisfy your fingers and your desire to stash-bust a bit - the...

Shameless Selfie Set 

Why yes... this IS me doing a selfie to show off this lovely little set.

Why yes... this IS me doing a selfie to show off this lovely little set.

This adorable set includes a super-soft cowl that is tall enough that you can actually pull it up over your head if you get too chilly, and a pair of matching fingerless mitts. Featuring Wooly Worsted from Ewe Ewe Yarns, both of these babies are completely machine washable so if you decide, after you make your own set, of course, that you want to make a set for a friend or loved one, you can rest assured they won't get destroyed in the wash. 

Come on and get selfish - even for a weekend since that's all the time it'll take to knit up this lovely little set - and make something to celebrate YOU! And be sure to take a selfie of yourself wearing your selfie-set and share it on Instagram with #unapologeticknitter or #shamelessselfieset so I can see you all rocking them. 

Happy knitting, lovelies. 

Did you get this far??? How about you check out my Unapologetic Patterns (or Ravelry) - I think you'll find that if you enter "selfishme" until 9pm PST you'll find you get a little treat when you buy this pattern.