Controlled Chaos MKAL - Week 1

When I announce MKALs I spend the week(s) leading up to it all excited and stressed out. Excited because YAY! MKAL! and stressed out because my brain sends me horrific nightmares of all my knitters freaking out and quitting, or the clue not posting or, horror of horrors, not actually having knit my weeks worth of work to publish for the clue. Silly brain... just let me sleep!

Anyway, now that the first clue is released and the MKAL is here I. AM. PSYCHED! I am so honored to have the chance to walk you through your journey to obsessing over brioche. So let's get right down to it. 

Got Questions? I've Got Answers! 

The Discussion Group on Ravelry is a great place to ask questions and share your experiences - please don't be shy! I love to hear from you. If you're just sharing to share, go ahead - please be sure to use the SPOILERS forum for any pictures of the clue so that the MKAL isn't spoiled for those who haven't knit it yet - but if you have an important question that needs to be answered like NOW, please be sure to ear burn me. To do this enter my username in square brackets and follow it by tying the word "person" in parenthesis: [socalmeaghan](person).

Video Tutorials Ahead!

Alright, let's get on to the video madness. This week we learn a huge list of skills: 

  • 2-Color Cable Cast-On
  • Brioche 4 Stitch Increase (br4st)
  • Brioche 2 Stitch Increase (brkyobrk)
  • Brioche Left Slant Decrease (brLsl)
  • Brioche Right Slant Decrease (brRsl)
  • And for good measure I've thrown in a Custom MKAL Video - Setup Round

The clue release has links to each of the above videos but I'm going to post the videos here for anyone who printed out their pattern and can't click the link in the PDF. Also... I hear it's good for SEO and stuff so... 

The order in which these are encountered in the pattern...

1) 2-Color Cable Cast-On Method (aka: my most favorite-est thing ever)!

2) Controlled Chaos MKAL Setup Round.

3) While this isn't specific to this MKAL, and you  may have already seen this, it's worth watching if you haven't: Brioche in the Round Using 2 Colors (I've upgraded the intro screen since then, eh? <-- and yes, I am Canadian!). PLEASE NOTE: in the video where I say to twist the colors at the beginning of round... don't! I'm going to eventually re-shoot this and omit the twist. When you come to the end of round, move the yarn that you're no longer using out of the way and pick up the new color from underneath without twisting. It will ensure the beanie is fully reversible! 

4) How To: brRsl (brioche right slant decrease).

5) How To: br4st (4-stitch increase).

6) How To: brLsl (brioche left slant decrease).

7) And last but not least: How To: brkyobrk (have fun saying that out loud... its a tongue twister for me)!

That's All for Week 1!

No, seriously, that's it. You just have to go knit it now. Hee hee. I know it seems like a lot in the first week but this first week is critical in learning the basic shaping of brioche. From here on out you can just enjoy knitting the beanie and showing off for your friends.

Stay in touch in the Ravelry Discussion Group - ask lost of questions. I don't mind and want to make sure this is a successful MKAL for all of you! 

If you're on social media you can use #controlledchaosmkal so I can spy on you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (but not in a creepy way). And by all means, if you're on Instagram, feel free to tag me with questions or just to show off with @socalmeaghan.

Happy brioche-ing my lovelies!!!