Falling Down - Mystery Sock KAL - Coming Soon!!!

**NOTE: I've updated the sale information for the kits. Please see below in RED**

Oh man - what a SUMMER it has been?! I hope you've all had lots of time to knit outdoors and enjoy the sun. Goodness knows my fingers have been busy making all sorts of things, some of them secret, some of them not.

As promised after our last MKAL this spring, it's time to do a new MKAL to get us rolling into the fall and (gulp... dare I say it) winter season. I had so much fun knitting with you all this spring and was amazed to see not only how many of you lovelies finished, but how many first time sock knitters we had on board. I was honored to have you knit along with me and can't wait to start again. This time I expect less hiccups with a) the charting size and readability (thank you to all who were able to give me feedback) and b) with errors in the chart itself. I've had a lot more time to prepare for this knit along and hope it will be a smooth and fun process for everyone. Yay - you're no longer "guinea pigs".

*QUICK SIDE NOTE* The sweater KAL did get more votes in the grand scheme of things. Your opinion matters to me and I want to honor that choice so we WILL do a sweater Knit Along. I had hoped to do it this fall but life got CRAZY busy so we're now going to do the sweater KAL in January so keep your eyes peeled. 

If you participated last time, you'll be familiar with how the pattern is disbursed and how kits are sold, but if not, here's the deets:


  • Kits go on sale on Tuesday, September 16th at 9am PST. I will be hosting the sales of the kit on my new storefront on Storenvy. A link will be posted on this blog to the store on the morning of the 16th. We will host the sales through this website (unapologeticknitter.com) and I'll announce on Ravelry in the Unapologetic Knitter group and on Instagram when the sale goes live.
    • *Note: you do NOT need a kit to participate in the KAL, just the stuffs listed below and the pattern which will be available on Ravelry
  • There are 15 kits and they are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. More details on this below in the "How" section.
  • The Kits will ship on Thursday, September 18th to all those who get one so that you have them in time for our start date.
  • The pattern will go live at 9am PST on Thursday, September 25th at which point we can cast on and start the first clue.
  • The second weeks' clue will be sent to you on Thursday, October 2nd and the third and final weeks' clue will be sent out on Thursday, October 9th. 


  • We're going to knit top-down socks! And they will rock! 
  • You're going to need: 
    • 1 skein of sock-weight yarn, approximately 400 yds, 
    • US size 2 (2.75mm) needle(s), or your preferred size,
    • At least 2 stitch markers (4 if you're not going to use the Magic Loop method which is perfectly acceptable),
    • A sense of adventure and...
    • A sense of humor. 
  • If you get a kit, it will include 1 skein of a custom colorway by Black Market Wool and a download code for the pattern on Ravelry. The kit will entitle the buyer to 20% off the pattern (which is included in the cost of the kit). 
  • The kits will sell for $25 plus $4 shipping (shipping outside of the U.S. *may* be subject to a higher rate for shipping but I try to ship as cost effectively as possible so I'll try to keep it as low as I can). A tracking number will be emailed to everyone who has a kit.  
  • I'm NOT going to include stitch markers in the kit like last time because, honestly, I didn't think they were totally awesome enough for YOU. They were good, and some folks liked them, others didn't, so I'm going to keep the kit simple.  
  • There will be another small surprise in the kit but I'm not gonna tell you what it is 'cuz, well, it's a surprise... but it'll make you smile. 


  • To purchase a kit, be here at 9am PST on Tuesday, August 16th. There will be a brand new blog post with a link to the kit page on our new Storenvy Storefrontso you can order your kits. Like last time, be aware that they sell out quickly (last time it was 18 minutes) so be sure to prioritize what color you want before you get to the site (the colorways will be revealed later this week).
  • Once you submit your kit request I will email you back (or text if you deem that acceptable) to confirm your choice. **PLEASE be checking your email and/or texts within the first hour of submitting your kit request so I can confirm all orders for all buyers ASAP.
  •  If your first choice isn't available, I'll confirm whether you even WANT the second, third or fourth choice. If you do, I will then send a PayPal request and your order will be complete once it's paid. 
  • Orders not paid within 24 hours will be forfeit and the kits will be opened up to the next buyer (not trying to be a jerk, it's just what's fair to everyone who wants a kit).
  • On Thursday, September 25th, a blog post will go live with details about the first weeks' clue and you'll be able to download the first pattern clue from Ravelry
  • Following weeks' clues will be pushed out to you through Ravelry at 9am PST.
  • Each week there will be a blog post that includes tips, tricks and "how to's" for the weeks clue release. My goal is to have everyone make socks that fit and are fun to make (and show off once done). 


  • Of COURSE there will be prizes! It's almost my favorite part - I love giving stuff away. But I'm not going to tell you what they are yet. There'll be patterns and one Grand Prize of a pattern plus yarn from one of my local peeps, Heather of Ewe Ewe Yarns. 

Ok, I think that's all the information to get us started on this Mystery Knit Along. Save your pennies and set your alarms for Tuesday, September 16th to get your kits. I can't wait to knit with you all again!!!!

Happy  knitting!!!