I wanna make you some socks!!!!

Raffle time!!!!

I have the extraordinary honor to partner up with some awesome folks in the crafting world to bring you something amazing and fantastic! Check out this all-star lineup:

This is Part 1 of a 3-part reveal coming to you over the next couple of weeks but THIS PART of the reveal is your opportunity to win a custom-fit pair of hand knit socks designed and knit by yours truly.
If you're fortunate enough to win, you will receive a pair of socks out of the colorway Emerald Bay dyed by Black Market Wool. This is an exclusive colorway so you're gonna want to get in on this!

We've decided that instead of a plain old giveaway where you post to win and gain us more followers, we're going to do a raffle. Do you love animals? Do you want socks that will fit your feet so perfectly you'll never want to take them off? Do you want to know how to enter to win??!?!??! Well, here are the deets:

To get in on this and win a pair of socks, it's $5 per entry. I know what you're thinking, what the heck? You guys just want my money! Well, we do... but we won't be getting it at this time. Instead...

Your $5 will be going to RedRover. They are a nonprofit organization in Sacramento, CA that rescues and helps animals in need. They help with natural disaster relief for pets and even provide grants for people who are no-income or low-income to help cover costs of seriously injured pets.

So, if you want to participate AND help some unfortunate pets, head on over to http://www.redrover.org/, hover on "donate" at the top of the page and click "make a donation." Here you'll be able to make your donation. As it was said before, it's a $5 minimum donation. Feel like donating $10, your name will be entered 2 times, $15 - 3 times, $20 - 4 times, $25...you get it, right? Yep, FIVE times your name would be entered for the raffle.

Now, the important part: Once you've donated, you will receive an email back from Red Rover. The email will have your address (which I will need to be able to ship the winner his/her beautiful socks), and the amount donated (which will be needed to put your name in the raffle). Forward this email to: pick.throw@gmail.com Stephanie and Rijel will be monitoring this email and adding your names to the list for the raffle.

We'll be selecting our winner next Thursday, July 3rd, just in time for the holiday weekend! And your yarny goodness socks will be shipped to you no later than the last week of July.

Oh, and one more thing! If you donate AND respost our image on Instagram using #magicloop4lives (cuz we're saving the lives of some pretty needy animals) you'll get ANOTHER entry into the draw. So go get your wallets, give up ONE fancy schmancy coffee this week and make a difference in the lives of some animals (and for your feeties)!

Stay tuned for our second and third reveals coming soon. Happy knitting!!!!