Falling Down MKAL - WINNERS!!!

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen my lovelies! 

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year - cuz I LOVE candy! I'm really awkward around kids so it's definitely not handing out the candy to the kidlets that excites me. Thankfully the Hubband is good with kids so I let him answer the door.

And do you know what I love more than candy?! Giving stuffs away!!! So let's do that. Let's announce our winners and give some stuff away. ON Halloween! Best. Day. EVER!

I randomly generated our winners using random.org and assigned the prizes to the winners in the order in which I announced the prizes in our Prize Announcement post.

To claim your prize, please email me directly at meaghan@unapologeticknitter.com. If you're getting the patterns, I'll email you back directly via Ravelry. If you're getting something in the mail (i.e.: the other two prizes), email me with your full name (first and last) and mailing address. Please no PO boxes since I can't guarantee that a package will be delivered.

So, in that order, our winners are:

Thank you ALL for knitting along with me. I'm always honored to have folks support me in my designs and teaching and I love seeing both the familiar names and all our NEWBIES who joined us.

I'll be announcing a new KAL before the end of the year and this time we're going BIG: we're gonna make sweaters! And I don't want to hear anyone saying they've never made a sweater before. That's the whole point - to make your first sweater. Or maybe your umpteenth. But let's make sweaters together. We're going to make sure that you not only make a sweater, but that you make a sweater that FITS!

Have a wonderful Halloween. Watch out for those sugar comas! I can't wait to knit with you all again!

Happy knitting!