New Pattern: Finly Cowl

Woo hoo! The colder weather is descending on sunny SoCal and wearing this new pattern actually almost makes sense. Growing up in Canada I never thought I'd cheer on the cold weather but lemme tell ya - it's easy to start missing cooler temperatures when it feels like I've been trying to stay cool since February.

I'm so excited to share my latest knit creation with you - this fun-to-knit, lightweight cowl, which comes in two sizes, a neckwarmer and a double-wrap option, is wonderful for both tonal and variegated yarns alike. I, of course, highly recommend a base with cashmere in it, like the SoCalMeaghan Special in the Costello base from Black Market Wool, but maybe I'm the only one who likes to be pampered by my knits.


Didn't think so.

So here she is, my shark-inspired cowl in "MY" colorway:

This delightful cowl is knit in the round and uses approximately 300 yds of fingering weight yarn. The size is relatively customizable to your tastes - worked in multiples of 8 sts you can adjust the pattern to fit your desires. 

Whatever size you make, I hope you make it and love it. 

Happy knitting!