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If you follow me on Instagram, you’re likely well aware that my Biffle, Heather, is the owner of Ewe Ewe Yarns. What you may NOT be aware of is that she’s just added a new line of yarn to her “flock” of already adorbable yarns!

Meet Fluffy Fingering!

Fluffy Fingering is the new little sister to all of Heather’s other yarns. Did you know: when I met Heather she had just 10 colors of Wooly Worsted? Yep… and that’s all it took for me to fall in love with her yarns. Since then she’s added 15 (FIFTEEEN!!!!!) new colors to the Wooly Worsted line and has expanded to have 4 different weights of yarn, all of them a bouncy, saturated, soft-as-anything superwash merino: Fluffy Fingering (beginning to ship pre-orders now!), Ewe So Sporty, Wooly Worsted (her flagship line) and, lest we forget, the sweetest name: Baa Baa Bulky.

So - what do I think?

It’s always hard to be un-biased when it comes to talking about your besties products but I gotta say: I FREAKING LOVE FLUFFY FINGERING!

I’m an avid sock knitter and definitely have an opinion about sock yarns. While I was knitting up a new design (socks… of course!) using Fluffy Fingering, I couldn’t stop rubbing my thumb and forefinger over the sole of the sock. It felt like satin! It’s so soft and yet so spring-y. And don’t even get me started on the stitch definition and depth of colors that Heather has chosen for her yarns! I mean - I COULD start but we’d be here all day.

Want an inside peek at our chats about her yarn? This is a screenshot of our conversation when I shared an in-progress photo of my latest design with her:

Screenshot 2018-09-12 09.34.19.png

So… yeah, I guess that kind of speaks for itself, right?

Are you curious what colors Heather chose for her new Fluffy Fingering line? Pffft…. you know I’m gonna show you! If you’re already familiar with Heather’s colors, you’re going to notice a few schnazzy new additions to this palette!

The Red Velvet and the Citrus Pop absolutely SLAY me! Aquamarine will always have my heart and that Forest Fern? C'mon… it just makes me think of being in a cabin in the woods with my knitting and a roaring fire (and maybe a dram of Whisky!).

Let’s Talk Designs!

When a new yarn line comes out, I love to see what the maker of that yarn envisions being done with it. With the launch of Fluffy Fingering, Heather has collaborated with me and others to break out 7 new designs, all releasing soon! She’s got:

  • 2 pairs of socks

  • A shawl

  • A sweater (pullover)

  • A hat

  • Fingerless mitts, and,

  • the cutest little lacey kerchief you ever did see!

I’ve convinced Heather to let me share a shot of one of my newest sock designs I collaborated with her on: Stripe It To Me uses 2 skeins of the main color and 1 skein of a counter color. I want to see this knit up in ALL the combinations but LOVE this duo of Wheat, a tried and true neutral, and Iris Blossom, one of the brand new colors on the line! Those. Stripes. THO! I die!



If you’re already an avid fan of Ewe Ewe Yarns (‘cuz if you’ve tried it, I suspect you are) then you’ll be psyched to enter this giveaway. If you’re totally NEW to Ewe Ewe Yarns this is a great way to win a chance to try her newest yarn line AND get a free pattern!

This giveaway is going to run concurrently on Instagram and here on the blog. There are some rules to enter so here we go:

  1. Follow me, @notsorryknitter, on Instagram.

  2. Follow Heather, @eweeweyarns, on Instagram.

  3. Leave a comment below with your Instagram and Ravelry usernames along with which 2 colors of Heather’s new Fluffy Fingering you’d like to use to make these Stripe It To Me socks

  4. Go tag a friend on the Instagram post linked here:
    The more friends you tag, the more entries you get!

  5. No, you don’t have to repost anything, though if you want to, you’ll get an extra entry into the drawing!

I’ll be announcing a winner on Instagram Live next Wednesday, September 19th around 2pm PST so be sure to check it out!

Happy knitting, my lovelies! <3


Have you ever picked up a skein of yarn, and sniffed it ('cuz you know we all do that!) and felt SURE you knew what the place it came from smelled like? That's exactly how I felt when I got my hands on some Yarn Vibes recently. I've never BEEN to Ireland, but now I feel like I know what it would smell like. 

When my box of yarn-y goodness arrived I definitely did a happy yarn dance. Thankfully, my Mother was there to witness it so that cats outta the bag! But I just have to share how thoughtfully the package was wrapped up. I love pretty mail! Not only did I get lovely yarn but a brand new canvas tote - which I'm pretty sure a knitter can never have too many of! 

Let's talk about the yarnz! 

Yarn Vibes is, proudly, 100% sheep-to-skein Irish yarn! If you haven't already heard of them, go check out their story HERE. I think you'll be inspired by their desire to create something unique and beautiful, while maintaining traditions AND staying on color trend.

I was sent two lines of the Yarn Vibes yarn: Vale and Hedgerow. Both yarns are a single ply, sport-weight yarn, but they are packaged differently. 


The Vale line is what I think of as a "traditional put up" - a 100g skein of yarn, sold independently. The Vale line comes in 8 different colors and is available in sport and worsted. I'm told that the worsted is 2-ply: 2 plys of the single-ply sport weight, plied together (can I say "ply" more?!). The sport weight is 300m / 328 yds  per 100g / 3.5 oz The worsted yarn is 150m / 164 yds per 100g / 4.23 oz.  

I received two skeins of Vale in the Sea Foam and Slate colorways. I'm not gonna lie - they're so gorgeous I haven't had the heart to wind them yet. I just keep petting and sniffing them. But I'm pretty sure they're going to become a cowl because I need this in my wardrobe ASAP! 


The Hedgerow line is the perfect package for folks who love colorwork! Available in both sport and worsted weight, each package comes in 4 complimentary colors that can be knit up in hats or mitts or scarves. Each color combination is inspired by a different set of colors found in Ireland. Check out these gorgeous combinations. From left to right: Blackthorn, Hawthorn and Rosehip! 

And lest we forget, my personal favorite, and the color kit I was sent: GORSE! My lovelies... I can't even handle how saturated each color is. And they're perfectly color fast (not a single bit of dye leaked when I washed my swatch). 


Each kit of Hedgerow contains 4 "mini" skeins:

  • The sport weight kit has 30g / 1.05 oz skeins that are approximately 90m / 98 yds each (for a total of 360m / 393 yards per  120g / 4.23oz (4 x 30g / 1.05oz)

  • The worsted weight kit has 30g / 1.05 oz skeins that are approximately 45m / 49 yds each (for a total of 180m / 196 yards per  120g / 4.23oz (4 x 30g / 1.05oz)

Ok - but how does it FEEL?

This 100% Irish wool is what I think of as 'rustic'. It's not like picking up a skein of superwash wool that is smooth and has a smooshy hand feel. This yarn has texture and strength. There's an inherent durability to this yarn that I adore. It's feather-light once knit but doesn't collapse.  As you knit you'll probably find tiny bits of shrubbery and I kind of dig that. It tells me that these sheep did stuff. I mean, maybe not like weekly yoga classes or anything, but they hung around in the outdoors and did... sheepy things. 

Lets talk durability for a second! This yarn, despite being a single ply, can stand up to a beating. I played with some colorwork and ripped it out not once, not twice, but 3 times and this yarn held up like a champ! And the more I worked it, the softer it became. This is a yarn that I know I'll be using for outerwear. Its light but super warm and if I haven't said it already... oh my gosh the colors! They're SO saturated. I can't even handle that teal and chartreuse!? Come. On! 


So! With all this awesome chatter about this new yarn, let's get down to getting some into your hands! The lovely (and super generous) folks over at Yarn Vibes, have generously offered to send a set of Hedgerow to a winner. To make what, you ask? How about a hat?! 

Because I can't get new yarn in my hands and NOT knit it up immediately, I designed up a 4-color hat using the kit of Hedgerow I received. This pattern will be dropping in a couple of weeks but one lucky winner will get an advanced copy along with a kit of Hedgerow to make their very own. Here's a sneak peek!

To enter the giveaway:

Comment below on what your favorite Hedgerow color combination is (Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Gorse or Rosehip) and leave your Ravelry name. I'll be choosing a winner on Thursday next week (September 6th) and announcing over on Instagram Live who our winner is. As the winner, you'll be contacted via Ravelry to get your shipping address, and some goodies will come your way! This is open to EVERYONE - not just Ireland or the US. So, drop your info below and get this awesome little treat! 



Thank you for stoping by to check out this awesome new yarn line from Yarn Vibes. I hope you'll check out their website, give them a follow on Instagram (@loveyarnvibes) and try out their yarns. 

I received skeins of Vale and Hedgerow from Yarn Vibes, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review of product. The wording and opinions above are my own.