This trio of shawls, much less a single one of these shawls, were never really supposed to happen.

This summer when my Mum came to visit we decided to take a trip to a cute LYS down the road from me. the Knotty Lamb, since my Mum is now an avid knitter and wanted to see what my shops have to offer (she lives up in Canada).

I spied some lovely Tot le Matin Tot Sport yarn and decided to treat myself to 3 skeins - enough to make a really lovely-sized shawl. My intent was mindless garter knitting - something to throw over my shoulders every day, all day, during the damp Oregonian winters. And then I asked a question about my color choices on Instagram. The rest is, as they say, history!

For the Love of Garter - a Trio of Shawls

Version 1.0 - 1 color, triangular, NO purl stitches

Version 1.0 is, as you might guess, the original inspiration for the collection. I had originally considered working this shawl in 3 colors, shifting from lightest to darkest across the shawl, but felt that it didn’t do the stitch pattern and shape any justice. When I took to Instagram, I received a ton of wonderful feedback that led the creation of the remainder of the collection.

My favorite part about this first shawl is the use of a new (to me) bind off, the Icelandic Bind Off, which is ridiculously garter-friendly. I’ve even created a new video tutorial showing you how to work the bind off: check out my new Icelandic Bind Off tutorial.

Version 2.0 - 2 color, triangular with a picot bind off

V2.0 seemed like a natural progression for me - I loved the shape and wearability of V1.0 but wanted to add a pop: not just to the border of the shawl but highlighting the columns of lacework. This embroidered column effect adds some wow-factor. And, of course, I created a new video tutorial for this beauty, too: check out the Highlighted Ladders video tutorial on my YouTube channel.

Version 3.0 - 3 color, circular with a shawl collar

V3.0 allowed me to realize my desire to shift colors across a fall-like palette, while adding a new shape to the collection that seemed more appropriate for a change of colors like this.

The added collar allows you to keep your neck warm as you drape the shawl over your shoulders, or wrap it entirely like a cape-let.

Big Savings THROUGH this Week

I’m so excited about this little collection - it’s my first real collection that shows a range of my ideas and I’m quite proud of it. Working with the Tot le Matin yarns was a true joy and I think you’ll find that a variety of her colors work very well for either color a 2-color or 3-color shawl. It’s pretty easy (in my humble opinion) to select one color for Version 1.0 - ANY of her colors!

To celebrate the release of this collection, I’m doing a pretty exciting little sale over on Ravelry (unfortunately, not yet on my website as there appears to be an issue on the developer end and I can’t load my new patterns there… sniff).

Here’s the discounts:

Until Sunday, November 18th, purchase any of these patterns on Ravelry and get these savings automatically (no coupon code required, YAY!): 

  • Buy 1 shawl and save 10% 

  • Buy two shawls and save 15% 

  • Buy all three shawls and save 30%

Seems to me you could get a lot of holiday knitting done… just sayin’!

Thank you so much for coming by to check out my latest creations. I love them so much and I hope you, do, too!

Happy knitting!


I'm always totally honored when a company asks me to design something for them in collaboration with an amazing dyer. I'm even MORE excited when that collaboration goes out into the world as a kit to their loyal subscribers. So today's offering is something I've had in the works since February and I'm so excited to finally share it with you! 


This lovely little single-skein fingering weight shawl is a simple crescent shape, knit from the top-center, out. It features a repeating lace center-panel and the cutest eyelet/picot bind off that you ever did see! This is the first time I've ever designed with a gradient skein and I don't think it will be the last. 
And the yarn! it's absolutely lovely - Copper Sock from Apple Tree Knits is 86% merino and 14% copper-infused nylon. This yarn is so resilient and light weight - its the perfect summer knit! 


There are many theories linking the name THANOS to that of the Infinity Stones in the Marvel-verse. My favorite: Tesseract (Space Stone), Head of Vision (Mind Stone), Aether (Reality Stone), Necklace of Agamotto (Time Stone), Orb (Power Stone), Sacrifice (Soul Stone). Whatever your theory, this shawl is my interpretation of all the pieces of the Thanos puzzle coming together in Infinity Wars!


  • A copy of the Thanos Theory Shawlette pattern available here on my website or on Ravelry
  • Apple Tree Knits Copper Sock (sock weight; 88% superwash merino wool, 12% copper-infused nylon; 435 yds / 397 m per 3.5 oz / 100g), 1 skein: ‘Infinity Wars Gradient’
  • US 7 (4.5 mm) 40” / 81 cm circular needle
  • Stitch markers (2)
  • Row counter
  • Blocking wires and/or T-pins


48” / 122 cm wingspan, 13½” / 34.5 cm depth, after blocking


21 sts and 32 rows = 4” / 10 cm over stockinette stitch, worked flat, taken after blocking


  • This shawlette is worked from the top-center, out. The cast-on is a double-overhand knot (tutorial provided) and the final bind-off is worked as a picot edge.
  • Adjust needle size as necessary to match gauge.
  • Written and charted instructions are provided for the body of the shawl.
  • Please note that this shawl is designed to use up almost all of one skein. A gauge different than that noted may result in the use of more yardage. I recommend doing an un-blocked swatch and aiming for a gauge of 25 sts and 34 rows over 4” / 10 cm to ensure you won’t run out of yarn. You can then unravel your unblocked swatch and cast-on once you have achieved this pre-blocked gauge.


  • Picot Bind Off
  • Cable Cast-On

Grab that special skein and cast on!

I'm always itching to cast on the latest and greatest and the heat of the summer isn't enough of a deterrent for me. So get your needles, your super special skein of fingering weight yarn and cast-on this lovely, light weight shawl!