Some things are inevitable...

So today is kind of a big day. Not like "Holy cowl, I met Ryan Gosling and he promised to marry me and fly me all over the world buying all the yarns" kind of day, but a "I'm pretty chuffed" kind of day. 

Back in March I made the transition from a consultant in the wedding industry (yeah... not that many folks knew that) to a full time knitwear designer. Over the past 6 months I've been working hard on building The Unapologetic Knitter as a brand; however, because my social media name (SocalMeaghan) carries the weight - unapologeticknitter is too long a name for Twitter and IG apparently - I have to make a change for the better.  

I'm not gonna lie -  it's with a bit of a heavy heart that I make this change. I've loved being an unapologetic knitter, but it was recently discovered that within the knitting industry, the folks that I'm trying to work with as a designer, "The Unapologetic Knitter" is relatively unknown. Once they hear "SocalMeaghan" their lightbulbs go on so it's time to make the switch.  


From now on you'll be able to find me on the interwebs everywhere as "SocalMeaghan" (Ravelry, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) or as "SocalMeaghan Knits" (Facebook and YouTube). My website is also now (although will still forward to this address until 2016). 

Thank you ALL so much for being the reason for this change. Without your support and friendship I wouldn't have had the nerve to branch out and make the change for this next chapter of my life. I am loving it. And I hope to be knitting with you all for years and years to come! 

How about to celebrate we do a little discount on my patterns on Ravelry - lets say 20% off for the weekend using code "SOCALMEAGHAN20".